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Health and Wellness is a $4.2 trillion dollar industry

60+ million workers currently and growing

From 2020-2021 Gig Workers grew by 34%

Gig Economy is growing 15x faster than traditional jobs

At least 48% of companies hire freelancers to work for them

No need to be
a tech wizard.

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Getting Started

green-check Build your own subscription business
in the health and wellness industry

green-check Done for you 60-Day Success Plan

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Ongoing Support

green-check Business training suite

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green-check Marketing materials to help you grow

green-check Work from home on your own time

green-check Do business from your mobile device

green-check Retention support and loyalty programs


green-check Award-Winning, Patented Technology product

green-check The purest form of Spirulina on the market

green-check 100% European made

green-check Patented Vertical Farming technology

What are they saying about
working with Xelliss?


  • Dr. Alex Blonbou

    A serious company with exceptional health and wellness products.

    I finally found some good products that I can consume without fear and advise my family.
  • Karin Angelly

    I personally will not stop taking spirulina every day. But not just any spirulina, the Xelliss spirulina.

    I think the Xelliss spirulina is far superior to all other spirulinas out there. There is no other company or place out there that grows spirulina the way that Xelliss does.

    What they discovered is that they had the most superior spirulina out there, the most power packed spirulina out there.
  • Christel Biau

    As an ambitious mother, I found fulfillment thanks to the Xelliss company which allowed me to become independent and free from my schedules.

    Now that this is my full-time occupation, I am free to travel and play sports every day. I enjoy being with my children every day by working from home.


We produce the best
products in the world

We use advanced technology
to help you share the product

The products help people take
back control of their health

Out system takes care of
referred customers giving you
a monthly residual income.

Xelliss vs DIY ONLINE business:


Startup Cost:


Time Commitment:


Ongoing Costs:


Global Reach:

20+ countries

Tools & Training:

Full business suite to manage your business & training available


Uncapped potential

DIY Online Business

Startup Cost:


Time Commitment:

8-16 hours a day

Ongoing Costs:

Inventory costs, website management, third-party fees

Global Reach:


Tools & Training:



First year no income